Saturday, July 4

Dollhouse Renovation - Day One!

I finally have something to show you!

I lugged my dollhouse outside this morning and started cleaning it up. There was carpet in three of the rooms and damaged wallpaper everywhere! I used a spray bottle with half fabric softener and half water to loosen the wallpaper. I soaked the nasty carpet too!

Then I scraped and scraped and pulled and pulled. I found my trusty 1 1/2 inch paint scraper to be very helpful. I also ruined my small Wilton icing spreader trying to loosen the wallpaper!

I had to use my fingernail or tweezers in the corners where I couldn't reach with the scraper. I also used a razor knife along the edges of the carpet. It came up in one piece in the living room! Not so easy everywhere else!

I was amazed at how long this took, but am pleased with the results! Down to bare plywood and ready for paint!

One of the rooms downstairs had glue-down wooden flooring that buckled and came loose with the water. I just took it out and it's sitting on wax paper under my heavy Home Depot 123 books. I don't know if it can be saved but I'll probably use it somewhere?

I sanded the exterior too. Several small trim parts came off but I've saved those too and will reinstall them later.

I need to sand the inside next so I can paint! I might add some wood to the ceiling in the attic bedroom? I got a practically free old bamboo blind at the Habitat Store! The bamboo slats are 3/8 inch wide. Might work, don't ya think?

I have some decisions to make now. What colors should I use? I could go with tradition and paint the house white? I love this one from Country Living!

Photo from Country Living

Or maybe I'll just go crazy and make it MINE!? I'm thinking I'll go with the latter! The more colorful, the happier I will be!

Stay tuned. There is so much more work to be done! Here's what the house looks like now!

I feel like I need to make a little bed to sleep in! I'm so tired!!

Blessings, Kathi


Caseymini said...

Kathi! What a job! I know. I used to do renovations on antique dollhouses as a professional. You did well!!! Just think about it this way. The worst part is over. Now the fun starts! I can't wait to see what you do with it.It is a wonderful little house.

Sharyn said...

Wow, Mom! You were busy yesterday. The little house looks great. We will be visiting Mary Charles Doll House again soon, I bet.

Alice said...

Whew, what a lot of work to get it all stripped down. The house is looking great! Good luck choosing colors. Picking colors has always been the hard part for me, since there are so many combinations I like and I can't use them all!

blushing rose said...

I'd have farmed that job out to someone with patience, lmtu. Dying to see it when you are done ... pop over for a visit. TTFN ~ Marydon

Kim said...

Wow, it really looks great! You will be so happy that you took the time to do this and make the dollhouse more yours. I can't wait to see what color you choose too- I think you should go for the color! Happy mini-ing!

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

It's looking better already! Can't wait to see what colours you use!