Thursday, September 27

Garden Cart Progress

I'm making progress on my little garden cart. I made new wheels out of fun foam. The corrugated cardboard ones just didn't look right from the side. I could have saved myself a whole lot of trouble if I had purchased BLACK fun foam! 

I'm making the wheel axles using a black coffee stir stick, a piece of 18 gauge wire and fun foam supports. I think the wheels may actually turn? Not that it makes much difference, but I like that.  :D

Sewing the screen to the frame didn't work. Super glue did.

Now I have black paint and super glue all over my fingers. I hope it will come off when I take my shower?  My co-workers always know when I've been making minis!

Hope you have good day!


Sonja said...

Hi Kathi,

I use also very often fun form! You can punch them also. I have a gingerman puncher and I use bown foam for my gingermen!
Hug from Germany,

Jennybee said...

Your cart looks great Kathi, can't wait too see it finished. Have a great day!

Marisa said...

don't worry it usually comes off n the shower or if you wash dishes by hand. :) the cart looks great!

Marisa :)

Unknown said...

You are on the way.
I want to see the finished result.
Hugs from Craftland

Troy said...

It looks great Kathi and very realistic. I especially like the handle.