Wednesday, December 16

Crafty Blogs


I love crafty blogs and One Pretty Thing is a great place to find them!

This little Advent house is from Delphine Doreau @ Non-Dairy-Dairy. There are 25 little houses you can print out! I can see many of them in miniature! Delphine's ideas are for personal use only. Thank you Delphine!

Here is another blog with wonderful ideas! Gail @ That Artist Woman posted these adorable little trees and snowmen! They would be fun to make with your children/grand children!

I also love Gail's tiny skiers!
There is a tutorial too if you'd like to make them! Thanks Gail!

I'm tucking these ideas away for next Christmas! Please click on over to One Pretty Thing for other pretty things you can make!

Happy Crafting!

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Gail Bartel said...

Thanks for the link Kathi!
I really appreciate the support.
Merry Christmas