Friday, February 12

Dollhouse Design

I'm planning to make a long weekend trip to Florida next month. I've been SO homesick this winter! It will be great to see my son and his wife and soak up some sun! We might just be building a dollhouse too?!

I've been thinking about getting another dollhouse but really haven't found one I like. The Greenleaf Brookwood is the closest one to what I have in mind.

My son is a very talented carpenter so I asked him about building a dollhouse for me... Here's the email that I received today!

"Hey MSH, I think it would be fun to build a dollhouse, maybe we can start one when you come stay with us??? I could see setting up a template and making up a ton of these, once you get the first one done of course!"

My son has never build a dollhouse before but I'm sure he can design something very special. I sent him this link by Leslie Shepherd at Let the fun begin!!!

Here are two ideas I found. This one is the Ulta Modern from It reminds me of a Lundby dollhouse.

I love the roof line and all of the windows. The real life house below is amazing!!! I'm thinking it would be a great house for an artist's residence?

Do you think we can do this? I do!

Blessings, Kathi


Kim said...

wow- a dollhouse modeled after the last picture would be amazing!!! I think you are officially hooked on minis now if you are starting a second house :) It's so hard not to want every single house I see! I hope time passes quickly and you are headed for a visit home in the blink of an eye ♥

Lena said...

I can recommend you to buy a Brookwoodhouse kit. I´ve got one by my self, and think that was one of the greatest dollhouses to built.You can always let your son help you with the difficult parts...
(I also noticed the prices on that Lundbysite, huges more expensive than here in sweden.Maybe it´s the shipping make the price so high.)

Lize said...

If your son is a carpenter, he is going to be able to do it... and if he is a talented carpenter... the sky will be your limit! I think you'll have a great holiday Kathi! It is awful to be homesick!

ANGELES said...

ohhhhh¡¡¡ fantastic¡¡¡ kisses¡¡

Unknown said...

Hey, you have a wonderful miniature world of ideas that I go looking at, I agree with puppet homes.
Wintry greeting from Finland.

Meli Abellán said...

Kathi, all the houses shown are beautiful. I love the modern DH. Lena's Brookwood is outstanding. Just finishing mine one.
Whatever house you decide to build it will be extraordinary as you are so talented.

dalesdreams said...

Deciding on which one will be the hardest part!

How lucky for you, that he will make you one. :)