Wednesday, February 3

Trying Josje's Tile Tutorial

Josje at A Beautiful World has just posted an English version of her tile tutorial. Sabitha at Sabs Mini Interiors used her techniques to tile her pantry. If you haven't seen the tile work they've done, you really need to check it out! I'm inspired!

I painted some thin card stock this morning to get started. I'll be tiling my bathroom walls.

I used Cloudless, Icy White and Light Blue thinned acrylic paint.

When the paint is dry I'll cut the tiles with my handy dandy paper cutter. Love this tool! I'll be chopping away to make tiny tiles. Then I'll mix them up and glue them one at a time (!) on another piece of card stock for the bathroom walls.

Wish I could stay home from work today! I would love to be doing this instead!


Josje said...

Great! I look forward to seeing how they turn out. You've got a very nice paper cutter, it will make the process a bit easier I imagine. It still is a lot of work, but worth it I think. Make sure you have plenty of tiles before you start gluing them!

Kathi said...

Thanks Jose! My card stock curled up on the edges as it dried. It's weighted down now with some heavy books. I'm wondering if I should use something a bit heavier? I'll try both and see what looks best...

Josje said...

Were the tiles curling at the edges or the card stock you glued them onto?

Kathi said...

I haven't started cutting or gluing the tiles yet. I think I'll have to use a thicker cardstock? I'll let you know how it goes.