Friday, November 25

Eggs for Breakfast


Wash and dry eggshells
Paint with acrylic paint, let dry
Break into tiny pieces

Paint 3/4 inch round woodsies
Draw a simple Christmas shape

Paint "plate" with clear glue
Add colored eggshells to pattern

Fill in background white pearl eggshells
When dry, seal with several coats of gloss ModPodge.

For my first one, I used my dear Dremel to add a rim to the plate. Not sure I like that? This one only has one coat of ModPodge.

I may try just using cardstock circles instead of woodsies?

If I had real porcelain plates I would try those too...

Hope you have a happy day!


Amie said...

What an intresting idea, never thought about using eggshells for mosaics before. I really must try it.

Ascension said...

Una buena idea para utilizar en Navidad.
besitos ascension

Lady Jane said...

This is cool. I am going to try this. Thanks! LJ

Sandra said...

Great idea - might give it a try. Thanks for sharing!

Maria said...

Thanks for your great tutorial, seen this in big (real life size) and never realised i can do it in miniature too!

Lucille said...

What a great idea that could also be applied to so many things. For instance, perhaps a framed piece of art! Thanks so much for the inspiration! Take care!

Johanna said...

Beautiful plates. I made some eggs and some other things too, with the same technique. It was so much fun! :)

Troy said...

What a clever idea.. I love the broken tile mosiac look.