Tuesday, August 20

A New Friend

Hello everyone!

I've been missing in action for over a month now...  Has it really been that long?!

I have working on my projects, trying to deal with my son's pending divorce, my own milestone birthday and getting to know our new four legged friend!

This is "Trinity." I wasn't looking for another dog. I really didn't want another dog. This one was wandering around the parking deck at work. Filthy, covered with ticks and fleas, timid and starving. She had a collar but no tags. I don't know where she had been, but I was sure she didn't want to go back there!

I coaxed her into my car, took her to my wonderful vet's office and then home later that day. I can't believe how sweet, well behaved and loving she is! I named her "Trinity" because that is where I found her, at the Trinity Medical Center parking garage.

After her vet check and bath she looks like a completely different dog! She does have heart worms but is not strong enough yet to be treated. Most of her teeth are missing. Doc said it was from trying to get out of a pen. He believes that she was never an inside dog. She has never known the comfort and love of a real home.

Dylan and Nugget seem to like her too. There has not been one nasty word between them. It is almost as if they knew she needed us. She is good in the house with supervision. She sleeps in her crate at night and when I am at work. The rest of the time she sits right beside me with her head on my lap. :D

Once I finish one of my seventeen projects I will post some photos. I'm still working on my dining room right now.

Hope you have a good day! Thanks for hanging around while I've been away!


Kikka N said...

Congrats for your New Friend :)

Caseymini said...

Kathi, she looks like a sweetheart. Sometimes things just happen at the right time. Enjoy!

otterine said...

Aw, how wonderful you found one another. :D

Unknown said...

She is beautiful and she found the RIGHT home with you. Thank you for giving her a chance to shine.

Unknown said...

Just a friendly reminder.Wach any tags she has on her collar. They can get hung up on that kind of kennel. choking has been known to happen. I also crate my two, so his certainly isn't a complaint about you using a crate. She is beautiful! You both are so lucky.She was brought onto your life because she needed you. I am so happy that she found a great home.

Plushpussycat said...

Hi Kathi, Your post brought tears to my eyes. You've done a very good thing, and Trinity will be forever grateful. xo Jennifer

Kathi said...

Thanks for the tip about the collar Theresa. I didn't know about that. I will take it off when she is in the crate.

She really IS a sweet dog. I'm happy to have found her too.

Giac said...

Hello Kathi,
I am sorry to hear about your son, but so happy that wonderful dog will be given the love it deserves.
Big hug,

12Create said...

I am so glad that Trinity has found a loving home with you. I can never understand how such a lovely dog could be neglected in the first place. She sounds like she wants to please and is happy to be in her new home.

Marisa said...

it sounds like the people who had her didnt take care of her, that's how I got Ladybug..she was running loose around the village but no one would take her in so I did and my life has never been better.

looking foreward to seeing new pics