Sunday, August 25

Too Much!

Yesterday was just too much. It started with me splashing paint all over myself and my kitchen and went downhill from there...

I tried to put my mirror back into the frame but it wouldn't fit. I trimmed the back a bit but now the screws don't line up. I may have to try to drill new holes or use mirror mastic and hope and pray it won't fall!?

After failing at this project, I went outside. I mowed the back yard and then decided to fix the fence out front. I need to cut just one branch that is in the way. I got my pruning saw out. Then I realized the blade was stuck inside the handle. So I took it apart.  Now I can't figure out how to put it back together!

When I took the mirror off my newly painted dining room table I saw that I had somehow gouged the paint. I thought I had been careful not to do that. Now I will have to repaint the table top!

I decided on the fabric for the dining room chairs. I am recovering the original seats. I'm glad I bought two yards of this fabric so I can match the pattern on the chairs.

So far, I have removed the old fabric from one chair. There are about 50 staples holding the fabric in each one! I purchased an upholster's staple/tack remover. It really helps, but it's going to take a LONG time to do four chairs!

It seems like everything I touched yesterday ended up being frustrating! Hopefully, today will be a better day. Perhaps now you can see why I never seem to finish anything?!


Caseymini said...

Kathi, things have to get better today! Have you tried looking on line at one of those saws to see where everything goes on it? Maybe that would help.

I love the chair fabric! It is so "you". The flamingos are great!

Kathi said...

Yes Casey, I did try to find instructions online for the saw. No luck. I finally figured it out (sort of) Enough to get that one branch cut anyway!

Now I find that a lot of soil has worked its way behind the fence so I can't just nail it back up as I thought!

I believe there is a dark cloud over my head! LOL

12Create said...

Unfortunately we all have days like that at times. On the plus size I think your dining room chairs are going to look great. Love the flamingo.