Friday, September 2

Boat Dock

Mike has another request for his new house. He wants a dock for his sailboat.

Of course this will mean more work for me, but I like Mike's idea. :D

The boat is 1:12 scale. It was a gift from Ira at Merry Jingle Crafts. I found it in the kid's room of the beach house after I took this photo.

Hope you have a beautiful day!


Eliana said...

The boat is beautiful!
* A nice day for you too!

Kim said...

Mike's house just keeps getting better! Hope you have a wonderful weekend Kathi :)

Ascension said...

Es una buena idea, te va a quedar una casita preciosa y muy completa.
Un gran trabajo.
besitos ascension

cockerina said...

the boat is too cute! Mike's house is more beautiful, and equipped to make a nice holiday!
But Ira, who will end it??
a kiss to your daughter! how is she?
mini hugs! Caterina

Kathi said...

Thanks! I love this little boat too. :D
My daughter is doing better. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers for her!

Rosamargarita said...

Un muelle! que gran idea, la habitacion infantil es preciosa.
Un abrazo