Tuesday, September 27

Grandma's Ironing Board Table

I finally finished Grandma's ironing board table. :D

I want to thank Peter Tucker for his inspiration and for helping me figure out how to make the leaf support for my table!

This project really had me stumped and Peter graciously sent me photos of how he built the supports for his beautiful table.

Thanks to Peter's kindness, I was able to complete Grandma's table. Thank you Peter!

It will be so much fun to fill the cabinet with accessories. The pattern you see above is from Paper Minis. They have some really cute things. If you sign up for their mailing list you will get a new free project every month.

Now I just need to find Grandma's little iron... and clean up her sewing room. It looks worse than MY craft room right now!


Caseymini said...

Looking good, Kathi! Does this mean that you are going to finish Grandma's sewing room now? You are getting as bad as I am at sticking to one project!LOL

otterine said...

Uh, oh! Did it involve hinges? :D It looks great!

Unknown said...

The table is fantastic. Great work.

Lucille said...

Your table is just perfect, Kathi. Thank you so much for the link to Paper Minis. I was not aware of this online store. They have a wealth of tutorials. I believe I will be shopping there pretty soon! I was wondering if you could share briefly how you made the leaf support for your table. I have a few minis who could get finished if I knew how to do that. Did you use hinges or something else?