Monday, October 8

Practice. Practice. Practice.

These are my first attempts at making some crocheted coasters. Real life size. I have NO idea how anyone, like Hanna, does this in miniature?!

Casey devoted an entire post to me yesterday to help me with this project. Thanks Casey!  I picked the simple pot holder pattern that Casey shared to begin. The problem I discovered was ME.  I'm left handed.  I got the chain stitch down but when I turned to make the single crochet everything looked wrong.

I went to YouTube and found this video. Then I started over. Again.

Not perfect. But a better chain stitch.

I kept restarting the video until I got to the part where you make the turn for the second row. This is where I messed up on my first attempts.

I watched this video again and came up with another mess.

I will never get to Carnegie Hall this way! Back to YouTube.

Here is another, and better video for left handers.

I cut my losses, literally, and started over once again. At least the chain stitch was quick and easy this time.
See. I am making progress!  :D

I know I've probably lost most of you by now? Especially those who are good at this or right handed.

Since I am neither of these, I'll continue. It's okay if you are bored and leave. I understand. Really, I do.

Below is the final photo for today. It looks like something, but not the something I am going for.

Maybe I should get back to work on my hanging baskets?

Hope you have a good day!


A. Wright said...

Kathi! I just learned to crochet this summer. No joke I now have a full size afghan to show for it and am working on a hat for my son. I learned from a step by step blog. Crochet school. Really check it, because she has very high quality videos and covers everything. Plus she's super sweet and I just want to hug her :D

Kim said...

I feel your pain Kathi because I have been trying off and on for over a year to learn to crochet. I am going to go check out April's link-hope it gets easier for you as you go along! You've inspired me to get my hook out and try again :)

Idskesminis said...

HI Kathi, I'm a leftie too and found crochet very difficult to learn, much more so than knitting. It looks like you are skipping 'stitches' (if you call it that in English) so you now only have 12 left. At the end of every row you need to crochet an extra single chain stitch to turn around and crochet in the last one of the previous row. That will make it straight. Hope that makes sense!

And thanks for your post about the little pots. Have a look at Jon Almeda's website, his process videos show exactly what to do, it's just doing that properly, that is the problem!

mcddiss said...

no te desanimes aprender algo uno mismo es mas complicado que tener a alguien al lado y los zurdos lo tenemos un poco mas dificil en ocasiones , pero estoy segura que con un poco de practica y paciencia lo lograras



maribel said...

Todo lleva su tiempo y tienes que practicar y practicar hasta conseguir el resultado que quieres. Al menos, eso es lo que me ocurre a mi.

Caseymini said...

Kathi, Ideske is right on. Count your stitches as you go. At the end of the row, when you are crocheting in the back loop, you will make the last stitch in the back loop fo the last stitch in the row before. It looks a little different than the rest. Just look for the last horizontal threadbehind where you are working. Another clear as mud direction....

Don't give up. It gets easier. If you find some good right hand photos or diagrams, just put them in front of a mirror. Automatic translation to left handed instructions!