Tuesday, October 16

Scrap Wood Tree

I was looking for unique display ideas for the garden center this morning. I found this post at Retail Details under "display ideas."  If you are making any kind of store, go see how they do it!

I loved this display in particular. So cute!  It was designed by BlaBla dolls.

I think something like this will look great on one of the walls in my garden center. I gathered some scrap wood (chop sticks, skinny sticks and match sticks) and used my Easy Cutter to make this practice layout.  

I will stain the "tree" and finish the wall before I glue the pieces in place. I like it. 

Can't you see some little birds in the branches?  :D

Hope you have a wonderful day!  


Giac said...

Hello Kathi,
What a wonderful idea! i can't wait to see your version.
Big hug,

mcddiss said...

creo que es una gran idea y que te va a quedar muy bien



Idskesminis said...

Yours is even better! :)