Thursday, December 13

One Fish, Blue Fish

I bought a fish the other day. A blue betta fish. It was an impulse purchase. I like fish. I would rather see them swimming free in the ocean but this fish looked lonely. So I brought him home.

These photos are not mine. I found them here.

He came in a vase like this with a peace lily plant on the top. He didn't look happy in there but at least he was alive. How could I resist those sad eyes? He has been in the vase in the dining room for three days. Who knows how long he had been at the store? I keep checking on him. He's okay so far. The cats haven't found him yet.

This morning I was thinking about my new fish and how sad he looks in that vase. I mean how can he possibly breathe in there? What does he eat?  I read somewhere that he could nibble on the roots of the plant. Not so. Betta fish eat insects and worms. I bought some freeze dried worms and beta fish food.

Then I remembered the Fish House I bought in March. It is still in the box it came in. I do that a lot. Buy things then stash them somewhere until some inspiration comes along. My little blue fish has inspired me. I won't be able to stash him anywhere. I have another mouth to feed now!

Remember the Fisher Price dollhouse furniture I purchased on Ebay a while ago? It is still in a box too.

Now I'm thinking of furnishing my blue fish's house with the Fisher Price furniture. :D I need to find out what kind of harmless glue to use to stick the furniture where I want it.

I even bought some "betta fish water" today. Two, one liter bottles. That should be enough for Blue Fish to swim in for a while...

 If my fish survives until his new home is finished I will show you a picture of him.

See how easily I get distracted? I really need to start my Christmas shopping!


A. Wright said...

Kathi, you can buy a product called Aquasafe made by Tetra and use it on room temp tap water, much cheaper and it's available at any pet store or grocery store. Be careful about adding plastics to his home. It may poison him. They have been washed with chemicals or soaps that will release into the water, or simply release toxins on their own :(

Lucille said...

I agree with the comment above. I would not put plastic in his home either. It's a beautiful fish, Kathi. I love it's colour! Hope it makes it!

otterine said...

For a bit of fun, get a mirror and show him his own reflection...he'll extend his fins. :D They are lovely fish to have, but if you keep him in a small container the water will go bad more quickly. They display them in those small bowls because they breathe from the surface. They do best in a regular aquarium with normal filtration. I once had a female of these. They are also colorful but don't have the long fins.

Kikka N said...

Wow what a beautiful Fish! :)
Hope you`ll have him for a long long time!

Fabulously Small said...

Hi Kathi,
what a lovely fish! hope it brings you joy and it won't feel lonely anymore (especially with Otterine's advice).
I have an unrelated question, I would really like to send you a christmascard, since you were so nice to put attention to my blog. I would therefore like to have your adress if that's okay. In which case you can e-mail that to monique(at)moonsart(dot)nl. Tnx!

Ilona said...

You also can build him a house in a jar or glass house, put this in a larger glass bowl for the fish to swim and he can swim around the glass jar with the fishhouse, how cool is that? No, don't put plastic in the fish water! Now he has his own house, but he can't go in and poison himself by the plastic glue of the furniture. (I hope my English is clear enough to explain what I mean, Kathi).
Hugs, Ilona

Lady Jane said...

I think the fish house is an excellent idea but yes no plastics. What is your fish house made of? I have had these over the years and if you put a mirror in they do keep their colors up because they are a fighting fish. Do be careful of the cat though, lol....