Friday, April 6

Yellow Box

I have long admired the modern miniaturists I follow. I love how they set up such creative scenes with their miniatures. Just for fun, I thought I would try one myself.

I won't tell you how long it took me to do this! I gathered things, moved them around, edited here and there... I must have taken 50 photos before I finally got one that is sort of in focus! Time having fun is time well spent, right? :D

Credits: 1978 vintage Fisher Price kitchen and dining set from Ebay. I believe it is 1/24 scale? Casey sent me the "trash can." I made the placemats with a paper punch and the oranges with polymer clay. I had the wooden blocks, fabric "tile" and glasses. The coffee grinder is another Ebay find that I plan to use in my coffee shop.

I used the box from my Yellow Box sandals for the background. I love their sandals! I have two pair (so far). They are so comfortable! I think I'll get these next? :D

I also have a Fisher Price bathroom set I want to show you. Cute cute cute! I didn't realize that the Fisher Price Loving Family sets are made in different scales. I've started a little collection. More on that later.

Hope you have great day! I'm still working on the coffee shop furniture. Waiting for paint to dry etc....


Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Very cute! I grew up surrounded with miniatures because it was my mom who collected! She has a lot of houses full of miniatures! Patsy from

Cote said...

Te ha quedado muy chula esa escena!!

Minnie Kitchen said...

I can imagine how long it took! My bakery is been on going since last year......and I'm still not even half done!! Looks fantastic!

Fabiola said...

This room is wonderful. I like the floor.
Happy Easter to you and your family.
Bye Faby

Ascension said...

Es escena es un pequeña maravilla.
Me encanta el color y cada uno de los detalles que has puesto.
besitos ascension

Lucille said...

Cute little kitchen, Kathi! I love the floor and your little paper place mats are so sweet!

Troy said...

How funny, I have that same set of furniture. It was the right scale of furniture to use with my Star Wars people!

Mary said...

Very nice scene, I love the tiles. I'm very disorganized, I can never find the pieces I'm looking for when I try to put ac scene together.

Maria said...

Lovely scene and i love the dinning table and chairs.I wish you a Happy Easter.

Toñi said...