Saturday, December 1

A Tiny Angel Tutorial

You might remember the little angel I made last year for my 450 followers give-a-way? Yesterday I made an even smaller angel.  :D

This is how I did it.

2 strands of stiffened ivory embroidery floss - for her arms and legs
1 small seed bead - for the head
3 strands of yellow embroidery floss - for her hair
Small piece of tissue paper and a small flower punch for her dress

First I folded the stiffened embroidery floss in half and inserted it into the bead. Then I pushed the fold up and added hair in the loop above the bead. I did a little wigging cross to style her hair.

Here is my finished little angel. Hope you like her. If you poke the photo you can see her better. My camera just doesn't take good pictures of things this small!

True2Scale has shared 100 Miniature Christmas tutorials! If only I had more time! :D

Kikka and Julia, don't despair! I'm mailing your gifts today!

PS. As of this morning there are 600 Followers of my little blog! Wow! Welcome everyone! This calls for another give-a-way! Stay tuned!  :D


Maria Ireland said...

Your little angel is so cute. Thank you for the tutorial. Congratulations on 600 followers :)
Hugs Maria

Fabiola said...

Congratulations on your 600 followers.
Your tiny angel is very nice.
Bye Faby

Darah said...

Congratulations on the follows, keep on blogging!

Lucille said...

My goodness, Kathi, your wee angel is a precious little treasure. Your tutorial is very easy to follow and the photo made it possible to see it clearly enough. Congratulations on 600 followers. You have an interesting blog, that's why. Plus, you're a wonderful, caring person. Thanks for the link to all the tutorials!

Ilona said...

Hello Kathy, what a lovely tutorial, thank you for sharing with us all. Congratulations on your 600 followers!
Hugs, Ilona

Marisa said...

congrats on your 600 :)

maribel said...

Preciosa muñeca. Que imaginación. Besos

Teruka said...

thanks to share!! Beauty angel!