Sunday, November 25

Helping Hands

I was fiddling with something very tedious and very, very tiny this afternoon. I thought to myself, "I could use another pair of hands, smaller ones!"

Then I remembered the little gizmo I had purchased at Harbor Freight. Helping Hands with LED Light. Maybe it will help?

Of course there is some assembly required. I started reading the instructions. Yes, sometimes I do read the instructions.

When I got to the part that said, "Do not assemble this tool when you are tired," I had to stop. I don't think I've ever read that particular warning in any other instructions I've read? I am tired, so I had to stop.

I'm almost finished with my gifts for Faby's Christmas Swap. I know I'm late. I just keep thinking of more little things to make.

I promise to get up bright and early, assemble my helping hands, and get back to work! Promise.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I did. I made minis for four days!  :D


otterine said...

So, I wonder if you get stuck and call customer service for help, do they first ask, "Well, were you tired when you started assembly?" Haaaaaaaaaa!

mcddiss said...

esa es una gran herramienta , yo tambien tengo una,hiciste bien, cuando una esta muy cansada ha de descansar



Neen said...

I am still laughing over the instructions and otterine's comment!!! The famous "she was tired" defense! "We are not liable for the magnifying glass turning into King Kong and taking over Manhattan, your honor, she was tired when she used it....." ( still laughing)

Marisa said...

that was funny Neen but I think it would turn into an Transformer :) I liked the first one..the others..not so much and I wanted to share this with you Kathi I found a caravan for you that's very easy

have fun, oh you dont have to thank me :)


maribel said...

Yo también la tengo y viene muy bien, aunque quien la utiliza es mi marido para los soldaditos de plomo.

Kathi said...

Thanks for the link to the little caravan Marisa! So cute!

Marisa said...

you're welcome Kathi, I figured one more little project isn't going to hurt anything.

and you can resize it to make it 1:12 scale

oh the possibilities!!! :)


Jennybee said...

I got one of these a while back and it really does come in handy! I use it quite a bit.