Wednesday, February 6

Another Distraction

I have found yet another distraction from mini-making. Planning a MOVE (possibly) back to Florida!

I've been searching for jobs online. Searching for homes to buy. Cleaning out my "stuff" to get ready, just in case. I'm doing one room at a time. Leaving my work room for last. It's the worst!

I took four HUGE bags of stuff to the thrift store yesterday just from my bedroom. There will be a LOT more to go!

I just don't think I can stand another winter here in Alabama. I wasn't made for winter!!!

I'm hoping to find a great job and a cute little house with a big room for my miniature life. I'm looking at places near my oldest son and his wife. They are not far from the beach and have a great salt water swimming pool. Two of my granddogs live there too. :D

This is Kieran and Hobbes, relaxing after a swim in the pool. I'm ready for some big slobbery kisses from these two!

Hope you have a nice day. I'm going to bundle up and go to work. :(

First photo courtesy of Completely Coastal on Facebook. Thanks, I needed that!

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Sandra said...

Well Kathi, even though the move hasn't eventuated as yet think of the great results of your big sort out and de-clutter! Now that definitely has to be the bright side ;D Hugs