Friday, February 1

Now THIS is FUN!

It's been quiet over here at BMB. No minis. No cleaning. Not much being done at all!

I have been going to the Wellness Center. I'm still waiting for my arm to heal so I can swim again.  I'm going to try to sneak in today with a waterproof band aid. Hope no one will notice. :D

I found this video this morning before work and thought I might (might) be able to do this?

I'm not ready for a class OR a mirror yet but it was so much fun!  I felt 25 again. Well, almost....

Thanks for being patient with me and my minis. I'm trying to add some positive changes to my life and regain some much needed energy too.

Maybe this will be the weekend for the big clean up?  Maybe.

Hope you have a beautiful day!

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