Saturday, June 8

Dylan, Drapes and Lamps

Thanks for all of your sweet and encouraging comments about Dylan. He is taking his antibiotics and seems to be doing well.  He is one tough little doggie!

I stopped by my thrift store again last night. I found this twin size sheet for $1.99 and a pretty lime green dust ruffle for the same price. Lots of fabric to work with for four bucks! I'm going to use it to add trim to my white sheet drapes.

I have two glass lamps that my mother and I made years ago. They are both completely filled with sea shells and are very heavy!  I'm going to take all of the shells out of the lamps and wrap the posts with bubble wrap before putting the shells back inside.

I love this little 1:12 lamp that Kris at 1 Inch Minis made.  So cute!

I know it is not as heavy as mine. :D

I took my lamps apart and spray painted the lamp parts with Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze. Now they look brand new. I'm also going to use this paint for my electrical conduit curtain rods.

I'm hoping to find some pretty shells inside my lamps to use to make finials. Love these!

Image from Landi Designs Etsy

I've got my work lined up for today. What are you planning to do this weekend?


Fabiola said...

I really like the last picture.
A hug to Dylan.
Greetings, Faby

Lucille said...

Hi Kathi! Your work on the house is coming along beautifully. I'm sorry that I did not see your comment about your pet yesterday. I do hope he is feeling better. I love his sweet little face. Have a nice day!

12Create said...

Keep up the good work on your home. I look forward to seeing the finished shell lamps.

Anonymous said...

Love the idea for the glass lamps. Hope Dylan is better :)mini hugs for both

Marisa said...

I love your idea's what I did was walk around the hot humid outdoors and look at cars while eating fair food it was a great weekend.