Sunday, June 9

Prime Time

I would love to skip the sanding and priming part of my dining room furniture, but it has be done, and someone has to do it!

Guess that's me!

I'm going to paint everything white for now. The table may end up another color, depending on which fabric I decide to use on the chairs?

This fabric is 54" wide so it will only take one yard to recover for seats. :D

I also have some cute fish fabric that I could use on the chairs...

I'll have plenty of time to decide. I've got four chairs and a table to sand, prime and paint!

Hope you are having a beautiful day!


12Create said...

Perhaps you could find one more fabric and do each chair in a different pattern. That way you don't have to decide which to use.

PILAR6373 said...

Aunque el trabajo de lijado e imprimación sea tedioso,el resultado vale la pena,en cuanto a las telas,cualquiera de las dos quedará perfecta y puedes combinarlas,quedaría muy alegre!!

Kim said...

I love the yellow but I really love the flamingo pattern too. If you use the yellow would you still be able to use the flamingos somewhere else-that fabric is too great! I'm enjoying reading about your projects Kathi :)