Sunday, September 1

Good Day Sunshine

Last week I was working on things and things were not going well... Nothing has changed.

Today I am doing a sit down project. That because, I fractured a bone in my foot yesterday. Yep, clumsy me slipped on the bottom step of my deck and twisted my foot. It hurt. A lot. I tried ice, an ACE wrap and elevated it for a few hours. It didn't get better.

So I made a trip to the Doc In A Box I came home with this. A big black boot and a little dog with a look that says, "You really need to be more careful!"

Right now I am waiting for glue to dry. I'm testing Weldbond glue and clear Tacky Glue. I need something that will hold glass to wood and dry clear. Any suggestions?

My sailboat is about 12" tall. I'm using basswood, a dowel and a piece of real driftwood. I think it will look nice on a shelf.

I found this FREE printable online. Love it!  I think it will look great in a white frame. :D

I tried to print one and realized that my printer is out of yellow ink. Story of my life...

I hope you are having a good day! I'm hoping mine will get better soon!


The Old Maid said...

Get well soon Kathi!

Caseymini said...

Kathi, things have to get better! As the Brits would say, "Keep Calm & Carry On!".

Mini Hugs! Get mended soon!

Sharon said...

Hi Kathy, the only glue I found that would work with glass and wood was hot glue! Hope you feel better soon.

maribel said...

Hola Caty, espero que te recuperes pronto de tu pierna.

Kathi said...

My sailboat is finished. :D I used Weldbond glue. Check This to That, you'll find the link on my sidebar.