Monday, September 2

Sea Glass Sailboat - Done!

I finished my little sailboat this morning. That is a real crab claw flag on the top.  :D

I ended up using Weldbond glue to attach the sea glass. It does dry clear. The bottom is a small piece of driftwood that I found on the beach. I like it.

I am planning to build a long shelf out of an old deck board I found along the side of the road.

I just happened to have shelf brackets that are the right size. :D They were white, so I spray painted them with Oil Rubbed Bronze.
I will probably add some rope to the front edge of the shelf?

This is REAL weathered wood! 

I need to put my foot up for a while now so this project will have to wait. Hope you are having a great Labor Day!


Caseymini said...

Kathi, the sailboat looks great. Wow! What a find for the shelf. I love it!

Kathi said...

I actually found five of these boards. Someone had replaced their old deck and I just picked up the pieces! :D

Troy said...

It looks like a great piece of art and a fun project!

12Create said...

Love your little sail boat and love the colour and the weathered board is fab for a shelf.

Fabiola said...
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Fabiola said...

Wonderful! I like the colors.
Bye, Faby