Wednesday, July 6

The Garage

I decided to tape the garage together today. I've been so busy with little details that I needed to see how much I've done so far.

There is still a LOT more to do...

Here is the deck that will give Grandma a way up to her sewing room.

This room is still just a dream. I plan to do a lot more in here.

I hope you enjoyed this peak at my progress. I think I'll leave the garage as it is for a while.

I'm not quite ready to take it all apart and get back to work. That will happen. Just not today.

Credits: Houseworks Garage Kit and Cupola. Greenleaf Staircase Kit. Handmade dormer inspired by Sylvia.


otterine said...

It's fun to dry fit things as you go along. But, you are's hard to take them back apart sometimes when all you want to do is just admire. Nice work so far!

Caseymini said...

Looking good, Kathi! I love the colors that you have chosen. I don't blame you for wanting to admire for a while!

Lotte said...

Love the colours! It looks so fresh.

Mary said...

I love your garage, Kathi. The red, white and blue works great.

Rosamargarita said...

Ese garage tiene mucho buen trabajo! Has hecho muchos adelantos. Me gusta!:)
Un abrazo

Unknown said...

Great work. The garage will be really nice.