Friday, July 1

Grandma's Chair

I took this old burgandy velvet chair apart this morning. I am going to recover it for Grandma's sewing room. It was a wing back chair, but I'm going to do something different.

I'm using parts of the chair for patterns. The rest I'll be making up as I go along.

I haven't decided how I want the arms of the chair to look yet. I do know that I want to try Casey's technique for a pleated skirt.

Casey makes everything look easy. Thanks Casey for all of your great tutorials!

I have to go get ready for work now. I'm happy to have a three day weekend coming up! More time to work on minis! :D

1 comment:

Caseymini said...

Kathi, I am happy to be of service! BTW, I would suggest that you make the pleats a bit narrower for the chair. Looking good so far!