Thursday, July 14

Lab Work

I walked into our lab at work yesterday and look what I saw!

My friend Mia was using a pipette to add specimens to these little cups for a test she was preparing. I asked her to save some for me when she was finished. She laughed when I told her they would make perfect little glasses for my dollhouse. :D

Mia cleaned the cups and I found them on my desk later. Aren't they cute?!!

They are the perfect size too! I love the colored rims!

I am now the proud owner of about 50 of these! I will be sure to share some of them in my swaps and give-a-ways. :D

Hope you have a lovely day!


otterine said...

How fun! :D Trash to treasure is my favorite thing about minis!

Caseymini said...

Kathi! Those are really cute!!!Tell her to save them all.LOL I am working on a way to send you some of the Nandina(bamboo for plants) without breakage. Hang in there. I will think of a way. I also have a little extra of the mini mini picket fence. I will try to get to it by next week.

Fabiola said...

Wow!!! You are very lucky!! I nedeed 4 glasses like these, but I don't find them, unfortunately.
Bye Faby

Flor said...

¡Pero que hallazgo más increíble Kathi!!! Me encanta y de verdad son perfectos vaso ¡Felicidades!!!!!
Un abrazo

Mary said...

Those are so cute - just perfect. What a great find of a hard to find item.

Rosamargarita said...

50! son ideales y tienes suerte de que Mia sea tu amiga ;)
Un abrazo

De said...

The little glasses are perfect. That's one of the things that I have trouble making - I can't seem to make a straight cut in a drinking straw to save my life, lol.

I love the colored rims, too, btw. :)