Sunday, July 10

Grandma's New Hutch

I'm working on Grandma's hutch this morning. I am using two different Michael's hutches and making some custom changes.

The drawers on these hutches don't open. Grandma didn't like that so I made one that does open. I used the drawer front that came with the hutch and then just added a frame to make the drawer.

Here you see that color that Grandma chose. She likes red!

The base coat is Folk Art Fire Engine Red. When that was dry, I lightly dry brushed on some Poodle Pink to tone down the red and make it look a little shabby.

I may paint some flowers on the drawer? I'm planning to add crystal knobs and maybe some trim on the shelves inside. I haven't decided how I want to finish the bottom yet.

The red really looks nice in the attic. Hope to show you soon...


jose said...

it is sure that you will have left fantastic as all your works

Caseymini said...

Kathi, I think that you have graduated past the hutch bashing stage! Opening drawers!!! Cool!!!

Norma Bennett said...

Fire engine red and poodle pink - way to go Grandma!!

Anonymous said...

The color turned out really pretty!

Sarah K.

cockerina said...

oh! I like red!! :))

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