Saturday, May 5

Clear Blue Yellow

I'm playing around with my windows this morning. I can't decide if I want them to be clear, tinted blue or have a yellow "privacy" film.

Just for fun, I quickly built some practice frames and tried all three.

The yellow is "fish paper" that I found a long time ago at Skycraft Parts & Surplus in Orlando. The blue is exposed xray film. The clear is from plastic packaging.

I just taped them up here. I promise the real windows will be nice and square. :D
I'm not sure what to use for the "glass." Which one do you like best?


Troy said...

I like them all! Would it be too much to do an "art glass" approach and use more than one? ( Will the blue one fade or does it hold it's color?)

Kathi said...

Thanks Troy. Now I REALLY can't decide! LOL I like your "art glass" idea.

I don't know if the xray film will fade? I'm going to go put some out in the sun now. Time will tell! :D

Lucille said...

Honest Kathi, I prefer the clear one. Don't you think that the clientele will enjoy looking outside while they're eating? It's so much more interesting when we can see what's going on out there. And people walking by might want to have a look inside to see if they care to come in which they will when they see how lovely everything is. Also, another good reason, it makes it so much easier for you. You can get sheets of acrylic glass at

Sandy said...

I agree with Lucille... clear is my vote! I like to look in to my houses and it seems it would be easy through clear. Just my two cents.

Kathi said...

Thanks Lucille and Sandy. I agree. Being able to see inside is important to my project. Clear it is!