Thursday, May 10

Stay Inside

I got off work early today. Yea! 
I got my haircut.  Yea! 
Then I decided to mow my yard.  You know, extra time to mow tonite.  More "mini time" on Saturday!  Yea!

NOT.  The first thing that happened is that I ran over a HUGE ant pile with the mower.  VERY unhappy and very unfriendly ants!  They attacked me full force!  All of them!

I started doing my version of the "ant dance."  Picture jumping up and down and batting at ants, screaming and scratching!

I came inside and put some Benadryl cream on about 15 ant bites. I took some deep breaths.  Got a drink. Not what I really wanted, but it was cold and wet.

I mustered up some courage and went back outside.  This time, determined not to let a pile of little ants keep me from my appointed rounds.

I made about three passes with the mower across the yard.  I noticed that the apple tree out front is covered with tiny green apples.  Yea!

THEN.  I got bit by a BEE!  OUCH!  This sent me into heavy breathing and more scratching and yelling and jumping around.  I hate being stung.  My body hates being stung.  I took a Benadryl tablet this time.   Deep breath....

Needless to say there will be no more mowing this evening.   The bugs have won this battle.

Moral of my story.  Stay inside and make minis!  It's a lot safer!


A. Wright said...

Omg Kathi, get a Hazmat suit!

Mad For Mod said...


Caseymini said...

Kathi, The moral of the story is never make the ants mad....They will call the bees for back up!!!

You are absolutely right. Let the grass grow and work on the minis. It's much safer!I hope that the benedryl helped.

How are the honeycomb blinds coming. I am intrigued by them. After seeing yours, I will probably be crawling around on the floor at Lowe's sometime soon...

debbie's mini thoughts and creations said...

oh dear you did have a bad time of it, stay inside next time you get the urge to mow the lawn, you do minis and get someone else to mow the lawn

Kikka said...

O`Dear Kathi, So sorry to hear you have had such a bad time.
It is much safer to do the minis inside :). No ants..

Gemma said...

Que barbaridad!! Vaya jardin mas peligroso que tienes!!Creo que tienes razon es mas facil y seguro las minis.
Un beso

Lucille said...

Poor Kathi! It's a good thing you had Benadryl cream and tablets on hand. I'm with everybody who suggest you have someone else do the mowing and you concentrate on minis.

luisa said...

yes, is better stay inside and make minis!!!! Especially if the minis are beautiful like yours! Thank you for your visit and your lovely comments, i'm just your follower and i love your blog!