Monday, May 28

Queen Palm Trees

I planted a little queen palm tree in my front yard when I lived in Florida.  Sadly, I couldn't bring it with me to Alabama.  It would freeze here, just like I do! 

Now I'm left with looking at photos while I try to make miniature palm trees.  Lesley Shepherd @ has a good tutorial that I've used.

The paper I tried yesterday was too thin for palm fronds.  I painted some photo copy paper and it is working great!

I started the one below to check the scale for my project. The trunk is a wooden dowel that I will shape, carve and paint so it looks more realistic.  Right now it looks very sad!

This is my inspiration photo.  It makes me realize how much I miss the "Sunshine State" where there are blue skies and lovely palm trees like this everywhere you look! 

Alabama is beautiful too.  You just won't find any palm trees here.  Unless you make them!

I want to wish you many blessings on this Memorial Day.   It is a day to thank our Veterans and remember those who lost their lives protecting our freedom. 

Photo of Veteran's Memorial Park in Sanford Florida

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Sandra from Sydney said...

I guess we take things like palm trees for granted Kathi. Even here in Sydney they grow well, and we are not even sub tropical. It must be difficult to adjust to a completely different climate and environment. But the cooler climates also have a beauty that one doesn't find in warmer parts too, and I find it is easier to rug up warm than it is to cool down when it is too hot.