Saturday, May 12

Up On The Roof

I built the frames for my skylights.  Now I'm ready to attach the roofing material to the roof.  I'm using a Fascade Ripples Brushed Nickle backsplash found at Home Depot.  I just flipped it over so the black side would show.

I'm trying different glues to see what might work.  "This To That"  suggests Household Goop to attach plastic to wood.  Since I don't have any Goop, I'm using what I have.  Home Depot suggests using construction adhesive.   I may have to try that too?

So far Elmer's Wood Glue  is holding the best and not making too much of a mess.

I plan to paint the outside frames black to match the roof.  I'll need to make sure the windows are water tight.  :D  We don't want any rain to leak inside the apartment!  The "blinds" will go inside.

My yard mowing is not finished.  I have no plans on going outside today to do it either!  I'm still itching from the all of the bug bites, especially that bee sting!  I'm taking Benadryl but it makes me very sleepy.  I may have to go take a nap?

Hope you have a great day!  See you soon!


Mad For Mod said...

I just love the materials you are using for the roof and sky lights. Looking good!

Lucille said...

Kathi, recently I've had to glue a lot of wood to plastic and metal to plastic. I discovered this fantastic glue that works in seconds. I held the pieces for about fifteen seconds and then for safety measure for about 1 minute. But I didn't really have to. It's called BSI which stands for Bob Smith Industries.

This glue helped me keep my sanity, would you believe?!! Because, I'm telling you, I was starting to lose it.

Kathi said...

Thanks for your comments. :D
Lucille, I will see if I can find BSI glue. Sounds like it would be great for a lot of projects.