Saturday, January 26

A Great Idea!

My goal this weekend is to organize my workroom and find a place to display my dollhouses. I found a perfect solution at A Home for Dolly.

Image from Rick's blog

Rick used Ikea shelving in his dining room as a place to display his wonderful collection of houses. I love this idea!

I currently have four HUGE houses that are "works in progress." They are scattered around my house and taking up valuable work space. 

My largest house is the Adelaide Beachy beach house. It is 30" tall, 36" wide and 18" deep. Right now it is on the buffet in the kitchen. 

Grandpa's garage is on a small table in my workroom. Still unfinished. I have made lots of accessories for this project.

Grandma will have a sewing room in the loft area. That part is almost complete.

Then there is this house. 

I've bashed it since this photo was taken. It will be a very modern house someday...

My current project is the Mini Town Loft that I am using to build a garden center. Maybe this one will get finished?  :D

If I could just concentrate on one thing at a time! Today I will be moving things around and trying to find space to work!  

I think finding some shelving for the dining room will be a good thing. Thanks Rick, for sharing your great idea!

I found some adjustable shelving online at Home Depot. Basic black. If I spray painted it my favorite color and painted the shelves grass green?  Might work?

Hope you have a great day!

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Sandra said...

Love the idea of the Ikea shelving - he sure has a great collection of dollshouses. I can't help thinking of all the dusting though ;) Hugs Sandie