Thursday, January 24

More Bathroom Ideas

Here is another idea I'm trying for the garden center bathroom. Adding wainscoting to the wall breaks up the clash between the wallpaper and floor. 

I may start over and make a more modern commercial style bathroom. I can always use these fixtures in another house. This IS a business. Not a Victorian house. We'll see? 

I tried a different layout with a stall for the toilet. This will require a slightly larger bathroom. Not a problem since I am still in the planning stage.  :D

The vanity is a dollar store table with some plates to mark where the sinks may go. I'm going to look at this for a while before I decide what to do?  I found some glass bowls at Beautifully Handmade on Ebay. I like the blue ones. They might make great sinks?

I LOVE this sink found at Family Home Plans! If you need inspiration, this is a great site to visit!

Hope you have a good day!

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