Sunday, January 20

Warning - Not For The Squeamish

I am VERY mad at what happened just now!  I was trying to get something out of my dryer and didn't realize that it was still spinning. Well, maybe I did know that, but reached in there anyway. Bad dryer. BAD move!

The tumbler inside caught the edge of my arm and ripped a big tear in my skin! OUCH.

Of course this means I cannot go swimming at the gym today, or tomorrow or maybe even Tuesday! I'll have to wait for this nasty wound to heal first. I am very mad at this! I really wanted to go swimming this afternoon!!

Maybe I will go shopping for a new swimsuit and work out clothes instead? First I'll need to shower and put something over this wound. A Telfa pad should work. Wish I still had my home health wound care stash!

Oh, and some lady at the gym yesterday scraped the side of my car with her new Prius. Her loss was worse than mine but now I have a big scratch to take care of. She said she would pay for it. I just may take her up on that?  Especially now that I'm MAD.

Hope you are having a good day? Mine will get better, I hope!

Maybe I should re-name this blog - No So Beautiful Mini Blessings?"  :D


Lucille said...

My goodness, Kathi, as if you needed that! Just take care of it and go and spoil yourself a bit, it always helps. Take care!

AM Minnaard said...

Hi Kathi, wishing you well! And take Lucille's advise and go and spoil yourself a bit! gr. AM

A. Wright said...

Yeeouch! Yes, throw some ointment and a bandage on that and get out of the house for a little anyway.

Ilona said...

O dear, it is your bad luck day, Kathi :( Wish you well, I agree with lucille and AM.
Hugs, Ilona

Unknown said...

Oooo honey, I hope it heals fast.

Well the only way to go now is up ;P

Kikka N said...

Dear Kathi, I hope the wound will heal soon!
Yes, Lucille`s advise is so good: Spoil yourself a bit..

Drora's minimundo said...

Bad day Kathi, I too agree with Lucy's advice.
Hugs, Drora

Jazzi said...

Oh dear Kathi! I think it is a sign for you to calm down and take time for you! Hugs xxx