Tuesday, June 23

Beach House Dreaming

I'm very happy to have found so many wonderful mini-lovers here in blogland! I'm finding lots of inspiration and instruction too!

If you're following me, I guess I'd better get busy and do something for you to follow! I really appreciate knowing you are here! I welcome your suggestions and advice!

One question. Is it normal to start seeing everything in miniature? I mean, everything? I was looking at my toilet paper this morning and wondering how I could make some for my dollhouse! Do you do that too, or is it just me??

I think my first project will to re-do the roof on my little house. I want a tin roof but not a corrugated one. I found a tutorial for gluing 1/16" wood strips down the roof and then painting it silver. Hope I can do this! I've got to have a nice roof over my head!

Another thought. I guess I'll need a dollhouse family and pets! My dog will be a beautiful golden retriever, just like my sweet Sienna. This photo isn't her, but sure looks like her! She was my very best friend. I shared my life with her for 15 years and am grateful for evey moment.

Goldens love the water and mine will be right at home at the beach! She won't need a little dog house 'cause she sleeps on the bed!

Speaking of beds! I found this one on a regular furniture website. I'm thinking this will be my first furniture project! Hope I can do the little cut out moon! I might rather do a fish or star... Guess I'll have to practice practice practice!

For now, sweet dreams! Hope you have lovely evening. May all of your wishes come true!

Blessings, Kathi


Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Hi Kathi! You should check out Doreensminiatures.blogspot.com! She has done some amazing work on her miniature house! You'll love what she's done with the rooms and people and their projects! Really great! Enjoy!

Mary said...

Thanks for dropping by my mini tutorial database, Kathi! Glad to find you in blogland.