Thursday, June 18

My Little House

Welcome to my new blog! I am entering the world of miniatures!

I found this doll house at my neighbor's garage sale for $15! I had a doll house when I was a child and remember hours of dreaming and playing with it. When I saw this little house I just knew it was meant for me!

It needs work, repair and remodeling to make it the little beach cottage I imagine. I'm planning to paint, wallpaper, add details and make my own furniture! I've never done anything like this before but am excited about all of the possibilities!

I'll be posting more photos later but want to show you what it looks like now. . .

This is the second floor deck. Love the railing and the paneled door! I can see chairs, flowers and maybe a table with an umbrella here?

This is the attic bedroom. I think it should be the master, don't you? It definitely needs painting! I already know what kind of furniture I want here!

The living room. Complete with crown molding and a chair rail. There's carpet on the floor.
Not sure that will stay. Of course I'll need furniture and window treatments...

Here's the stairs to the second floor. Needs a railing for safety, don't you think? How about some stenciling on the stair risers?

This is the door to the upstairs bathroom. Love the transom above it. The wallpaper is coming off, but look at the trim around the windows! The house has "good bones." All it needs is a little love!

I'll be sharing some miniature links here too. There are so many creative people in the world of miniatures! I'm just getting started!

Blessings, Kathi


sylvia said...

Beautiful house!!
I am curious what you are making of it.


Poppypatchwork said...

Welcome to a wonderful world of dolls houses and bloggs. Can't wait to see what you do

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

That is just the sweetest little house.
My house was second hand too, I just loved that it had a history, it felt like someone else had lived there, just like a real house.
Can't wait to see what you do with yours!

Debbie said...

Welcome to the blogoshere Kathi. Looking forward to seeing the renovations you make on your little house..xx

Terri said...

This is so exciting for me. I have been looking for good blog about doll house remodeling and I am psyched to find this one! Someone just gave me a free foll house yesterday and it's beautiful, but it needs a lot of love. I have a four month old daughter, and I plan to spend lots of time and love making this really special for her and giving it to her long from now. Thank you for this blog - it looks like it will be a great resource!