Saturday, August 29

21 Piece Nightstand

Just call me crazy. This little nightstand has 21 pieces!

Perhaps if I knew what I was doing I could have made it with less? If I wasn't crazy, I wouldn't have counted all of the little pieces!

It's taken me the entire morning to do this. Now that I'm looking at the photo I think it's going to lose one piece at the top. Think I'll put different legs on it too...

I'm waiting on glue and paint to dry on my four drawer dresser before I finish it.

I'm not going to count how many pieces that has. Promise.

Lots of little blessings,


MiniKat said...

The furniture looks great so far! :-)

Never count the pieces, it just boggles the mind. ;-)

Jo Raines said...

You are so talented building all of your mini furniture! I can only seem to do it with kits. I'd love to make some mini chairs. I'm going to give it a try soon. Do you have special saws and equipment?

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