Tuesday, August 11

Scary Day Yesterday

I've been having some problems with my vision these past few days. I went to the opthalmologist yesterday. I have a posterior vitreous detachment in my left eye.

It's causing me to see flashing lights and floaters that are really distracting but not painful.

This problem could lead to a retinal detachment that can cause blindness. I can't imagine not being able to see! I thought it was funny that doc said "just keep an eye on it and let me know if it gets worse." How do you keep and eye on your eye? :)

He gave me a new prescription for glasses. There is no treatment for this problem so I will just have to learn to live with the flashes and floaters. I need to get new glasses and contact lenses but hopefully I won't have any more problems.

I have an even greater appreciation for my vision today! No wonder I was having so much trouble threading a needle to work on my little quilts!

Thankful for all mini blessings!


blushing rose said...

Oh, my gosh! They can't do anything with all this new technology? Please take good care ...
TTFN ~Marydon

Kim said...

ugh, Kathi, this sucks. I hope it does not get worse- I cannot imagine not being able to see either! Hope your new glasses help a little bit at least. Hugs to you!

Petra said...

god is in the detail of our lives. his blessings are great and small.
dear kathi, everything is good for you. I hope, you'll be able to "see" it.
with love

rosanna said...

Hi Kathi, pay attention to any change in light, contrast and night vision. You can look from time to time to a sheet of squared paper ( the one is used for math exercises), pay attention to the squares , if you notice any difference either in shape or orientation call your doctor. Dismetamorphosia can be a signal of retina troubles but it can be prevented if you pay attention to small details.Big Hugs

cindymeguiar@yahoo.com said...

Will add this to my prayer list. Glad you found my "real" blog

Mary said...

I hope the new glasses will help, Kathi. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers!