Sunday, August 16

My Next Dollhouse?

I know, I know. I just got started with the dollhouse I have and I'm dreaming about another!
Photo courtesy of 30 dollar date

I'm keeping this idea tucked away. Maybe someday I'll try building a sand castle dollhouse for Fiasco and his friends?

I think it would be fun to decorate a castle for a cute little band of pirates, like these!

Hope you had a very nice weekend!

I've been working on my dresser and another bookshelf. IF they turn out, I'll post pictures later...

Blessings, Kathi


Kim said...

I have 2 dollhouses I am working on, a room box, 4 small dollhouses in boxes I want to make for my nieces, and I STILL dream about other dollhouses I could make. You are not alone :)

I think that a sandcastle dollhouse would be very cool and those pirates are sooo cute!!!

Jo Raines said...

I know how you feel. Besides Joanna's house, I have a Christmas house I started and abandoned, the witch's cottage that needs some upgrades and touches, the garden shed and, in my dreams, my log cabin!