Tuesday, August 4

Tag! You're It! Photo Challenge!

Yep, I got tagged too! By Jody at Mini Leaps and Bounds! Here are the "rules" which I had to bend just a bit. I had to look in my saved email photos!

1 Open the 4th file where you store your photos
2 Pick out the 4th photo and publish it to your blog
3 Explain a bit about it
4 Pass this challenge to 4 other blogs

This is a photo of my oldest son at New Smyrna Beach, Florida. He's the big kid making the sand castle! He found a little helper to tote water to the construction site. Very clever!

This photo reminds me why I miss Florida so much! I miss the beach, but I really miss my son!

I'm passing this challenge on to these four bloggers! Have fun!

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A photo is worth a thousand words!
Blessings, Kathi


cindy@muttleymanse said...

I will say a prayer for you in regards to your homesickness for you son and for Florida. I understand your missing the beach. I would be the same way since we are 15 minutes from Tybee. Even with that, I miss certain areas of Florida that are special to me. I am already counting days to Fall break so I can get back to Florida!

Jo Raines said...

I, too, get homesick for Florida, Port St. Joe to be exact where my former BIL and my SIL used to have a second home right on the beach where we poorer relatives could go for our family vacations. We have so many wonderful memories of the children there. But, alas, with no regard for me, they divorced and ended up selling it. Couldn't they have considered my feelings?! LOL! Oh well. It was paradise while it lasted.


Maya@Completely Coastal said...

Fun shot. And it looks like he knows how to build a sandcastle.