Thursday, August 27

Living Room

I really need to get back to working on the dollhouse! This is the living room. So far, I've painted the trim and the walls white.

I like cottages with white on white rooms and just a bit of color in the accessories.

I also like to surround myself with color! It's amazing how just changing the color of a room can change the way you feel.

I painted my real life living room yellow and I love it. It's so sunny and cheerful, especially in the mornings. I was going to paint all of my old furniture white until this mini hobby took over!

I love the yellow walls. I also love my yellow cat!


And I love my fat cat!


These two, plus my two little daschunds, keep my house very furry!

Hope you have a lovely day!
Blessings, Kathi


blushing rose said...

Pretty yellow ... those fellas are the cat's meow! TTFN ~Marydon

Kim said...

Ah- I have three cats and the fur is worth it, isn't it? I love the living room- yellow is a favorite color of mine too :)