Tuesday, August 7

Choosing Colors

I'm adding a door to the right side wall of the Garden Center.  It will open to the patio area.

While looking for trim colors, I found this blog Explanation Required. It is a wonderful blog with lots of great decorating ideas. These are the colors Katie used in her bathroom.  I think they would be perfect for my garden center!

The main color is Behr's Dried Palm. As you can see on my walls, it is not as bright as it looks here. I may repaint my walls more like this paint sample? I love the terra cotta and the blue.

Then I have all of these little flamingos that need to go somewhere...

Choosing colors is difficult for me. I like so many of them!  I still haven't decided on the interior colors. Maybe flamingo pink? :D

Now I need glue on more siding and paint trim. Can't wait to start building!


mcddiss said...

los colores marrones con los azules siempre quedan bien y seguro que le daran a tu tienda un bonito aspecto , por cierto esos flamencos son una moneria



maribel said...

A mi me encantan los marrones para la puertas, pero estoy segura que caulquiera que elijas te quedará genial.

Rebecca Micallef said...

It is going to look amazing. Can't wait to see it complete. Well done.

Marisa said...

thanks for the tip on the colors I need to repaint my living room and I'm stuck on a color..I don't want to go too dark


Marisa said...

I found something that I want to share, she made some palm tree plants that would look so cute in your shop


hope you dont mind me being a busybody

Marisa :)

Troy said...

Love the flamingos!