Monday, August 6

Three Palms Garden Center

I finished my three palm trees and added siding to this exterior wall.  I'm trying out different trim colors now.

I'm not sure about the coral. It may be too bright. I may try a turquoise blue instead?  Any suggestions?

We had a terrific time at the zoo yesterday. I forgot to take my camera. I loved the "enrichment experience" they did with a tiger.  They had a big hank of meat hanging from a tree. Then they let the tiger out and we were able to watch him attack his breakfast. It was amazing!

Hope you have a grrreat day!


Jennybee said...

Great job on your palms, i like the variance in the frond colors. Oh and I see we shop at the same place for paints too! I love their discount 50 cent bin on those sample containers!

Rebecca Micallef said...

You have done a wonderful job. They look so realistic. Well done.

Kathi said...

Thanks! I found my favorite paint color in the 50 cent bin. :D