Sunday, August 5

Garden Center?

There is a place near where I lived in Florida that I absolutely loved to visit. Blodgett's Garden Center. They have been in business since 1936. Not only is the staff very knowledgeable, they have the most beautiful selection of plants and anything you might want for your tropical garden.

I went there yesterday, virtually, and found inspiration for my "General Store Kit."  Yes, I am changing my mind AGAIN. I will build a "room box" coffee shop later. I'm going to use this kit to make a little garden center.  :D

I have two palm trees finished and painted one exterior wall with Behr's Dried Palm paint. I think I may add vertical siding?

I have difficulty making multiples of things. Once I finish something I really don't want to make another one like it.  Not sure why?  This project will challenge me to do that.  I will need multiple plants, multiple pots, multiple tools and gardening supplies.

It will probably take me 52 weeks to finish this one. Maybe I should name this project the "Fifty Two Weeks Garden Center?"  In Florida, you can garden 52 weeks of the year. You need to pull weeds for fifty two weeks out of the year too.

This is about all I'll get done today. We're going to the Birmingham Zoo this morning!  I haven't been there yet and am so excited.  Hope you have a lovely day!


Idskesminis said...

Hi Kathi, For me the solution was to work on at least 2 at the same time or just leave one finishing touch to do to all of them in one go. I still don't like making more than one of each though and I bet lots of other people don't like it either!

It already looks great and makes me long after a summer at just such a beach with palm trees for a bit of shade!

mcddiss said...

me parece una idea estupenda lo de hacer la tienda de plantas ,a mi tambien me pasa que me aburre bastante repetir las cosas



maribel said...

Muy buena idea, seguro que te queda genial

Contrastes-Rosa Mª said...

Segurísimo que te quedará preciosa y este verano será una fuente inspiración ,cada rincón que visites, :)

A. Wright said...

The palms looks awesome *cheers*.

dalesdreams said...

Have fun at the zoo. :)

If you make it sound daunting, I'm sure it will be.

I'm sure you can make multiples if you truly want them. :)