Sunday, August 12

Little Things Learned

I learned a couple of little things while I was making my first Agapanthus. You might find them useful too?

As you can see in my last post, it was very difficult to add the flowers after I had cut and grouped the stalk together. This morning I tried a different approach.

I set up a little assembly line. A damp sponge for cleaning my tweezers. Tinted tacky glue. I used one drop of my color. I wasn't sure this would stick, but it does. This way there is no green showing on the back of each flower. The tinted glue makes cute little flower buds too. :D

While I waited for my flowers to dry, I cut my wires and smoothed out the embroidery floss I will use to wrap them.  I also started making some nursery flower pots. I'm just using plain old construction paper. Nothing fancy, they are made to be "disposable."  I recycle my real ones...

I solved another problem I had with my first plant. My paper pot was not heavy enough and the plant kept falling over. This time I added some real sand to my pots (for drainage), then a big drop of carpenter's glue. I added florist foam over that, then topped it my soil. Just that little bit of sand made a BIG difference!

You may have noticed in my first photo that my second Agapanthus flower stem is too big. I will keep working on these. I hope to have three plants ready for the Garden Center soon.

I think I will take a break from flower making today. I need to add siding to the back wall and start painting my trim. I've decided to use white. Not sure what color the doors and window frames will be yet?

Congratulations to Team USA on winning so many Olympic medals!  :D

Hope you have a great day!


Sandy said...

Thanks for all the tips...I think your flowers are just adorable! I think we all "live and learn", don't we.
Enjoy your break!

Kathi said...

Thanks Sandy. I am loving your little cottage! Looks adorable! :D

Anna said...

these flowers are my very very favourite...they look so perfect in your mini-work! Wonderful work!

Kathi said...

Thanks Anna. I'm learning as I go...
I may buy one kit just to see how flowers are "supposed" to be made?
That may help me save time too. :D

maribel said...

El resultado final es estupendo. Me encantan.

Rebecca Micallef said...

Your flowers look amazing. I love them.

JDayMinis said...

Kathi Your Agapanthus are lovely, you are so patient being able to wait for something to dry!