Wednesday, August 29

D is for Datura

I found this photo of the beautiful dollhouse miniature Angel's Trumpet created by CDHM artist Jeannette Bucholz of the Garden Of Miniatures. Isn't it beautiful?!

I have no idea how Jennette did this? It is amazing! I want to try to make one. :D

I have a big, beautiful yellow datura in my front yard. It is blooming right now. I picked a flower and one leaf last night. The flowers are so delicate with such lovely colors! This morning I cut the flower apart to see how big it was and how it was shaped.

Then I went to work trying to make a pattern. My real flower measures about 6" x 6" not including the stem. I used Jim's Dollhouse Calculator and figured out my little flower should be about 1/2" when finished.

I drew some patterns and cut them out.

Then I painted them using my watercolor pencils. The leaf is hand cut from paper I already had painted.
The little stamens are ivory embroidery floss that were separated and stiffened with white glue.

Here is my first flower. Close ups reveal where touch ups need to be made. :D

I will keep working on these. The leaf needs a better look. Maybe a different color too?

Hope your garden of miniatures is growing well!

Later thought:  Maybe I should try a 1/2"-3/4" star punch for the flowers?  Pinch in the sides, curls the ends? Might work? 


Sandra said...

Kathi what a clever person you are - I would never think to try to make one of these and you have done a great job! I am amazed at how successful you are with your first efforts. Sandie

Kim said...

Beautiful so far- I really love the leaf!

Troy said...

Looks pretty close from the photo ?

Mins said...

Another success I think Kathi, the flower and leaf both look great. You really must have the patience of a saint to be working on all these different plants... So repetitive for you.
Keep up the great work!
Mins xxx

Sandra said...

Kathi, I have nominated you for the 'One Lovely Blog Award'. Hugs, Sandie.

carmen said...

va por buen camino...

maribel said...

Esta muy bien.

Giac said...

Hi Kathi,
Great job for a first try. It looks pretty good and I'm sure working on the leaf will make it just right. I admire how you created the pattern for it.
Big hug,