Thursday, November 15

Morning Mission

My mission this morning was to finish several projects. All at the same time! I had painting going on in the kitchen. Painting going on my work table. More painting on my desk.

This is what was accomplished since I woke up at 3 AM.  :D

✔  Applied second coat of peanut butter glaze on ceiling beams

✔  Painted third coat of pineapple upside down paint on upstairs ceiling

✔  Spackled downstairs ceiling where needed

✔  Finished bathroom basket weave tile. Applied first, second and third coat of spray varnish

✔  Finished palm pendant light

✔  Painted first coat of pistachio green on downstairs ceiling

Now I have to get ready to go to work. Real work.

Hope you have a productive day!


otterine said...

Look at you go!! I need to sit down. Hahahaha. :D

Idskesminis said...

Were you in need of a siesta?? I would have been, haha :))

Lucille said...

Amazing! Wow! What time do you go to bed at night? Take care, okay!