Sunday, May 19

Cut, Cut, Cut

I just finished cutting ONE of my three bamboo shades. After trying three different saws, I found that using my old tin snips works great!

Here is how I'd like to hang them. No, this is not my living room. Photo found at Young House Love.

Off to cut, cut, cut! I'm working on a blister on my thumb already... Hope to get this project done today?

I found some electrical conduit at Home Depot to make my own drapery rod. Couldn't find one long enough for my windows. More on that later!

Added bonus: I now have tons of 2 inch pieces of flat bamboo! Perfect for a dollhouse!  :D


Linda said...

One of the perks of being a miniaturist is being able to use your scraps from 1:1 home projects! :-D

mcddiss said...

veo que estas mas que atareada con la nueva decoracion y te veo contenta con ello, y encima te quedara material para las miniaturas , se puede pedir mas ?



Marisa said...

redecorating is fun sometimes, you get to use all your dollhouse talents for real life projects :)