Monday, May 27

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!

I've been working ALL weekend in my living room. Yesterday morning I moved some furniture around after painting the wall and window trim. It is a whole lot easier to redecorate a dollhouse than a real house!

Today I finally finished painting. Two coats. Next time I will invest in Behr's one coat paint!

I'm ready to hang my bamboo blinds and curtain rod. Well, not really ready. I discovered that I need to go buy some heavy duty wall anchors. I thought I had everything I needed!

I've been unable to cut the electrical conduit I'm using for the rod. I either need a new hacksaw blade or a helpful handy man at Home Depot to cut it for me? I should have taken him up on his offer on Saturday!

I moved my "new" white sofa to the other side of the room. I like it better there. Now I can sit and look outside instead of at a wall.

I really like how the white paint has brightened up this room? It's still dark in here this afternoon!  :{

I'm headed over to my daughter and son-in-law's house for a cookout now. Too tired to do any more work!

Hope you are having a great Memorial Day!  I am so thankful to those who gave their lives for our freedom and the ones who are us serving now. May the Lord bless them, keep them safe and bring them all home soon!


Cath said...

A job well done. I wish I could get past the process of "thinking" about painting the living room.

mcddiss said...

me gusta verte tan animada con la redecoracion del salon, me gustan mucho esos colores claros que has elegido , dan mucha luz a la habitacion



Giac said...

Hello Kathi,
What a beautiful room! I love the lgiht you get!
Big hug,

Lucille said...

The room looks so much brighter and I love that huge picture window.

Troy said...

I like your little helper sitting there in your picture! The room is looking great Kathi.

Marisa said...

it's really coming together nicely.


maribel said...

Me encanta ver que estas muy animada y contenta decorando el salón. Me gustan mucho las tonalidades que has elegido.

PILAR6373 said...

Todo un acierto con los colores claros que has elegido para redecorar el salón,tiene mucha luz!!! y el sofá cambiado de sitio para poder mirar por las ventanas,genial!!!!

Fabulously Small said...

you're really taking steps in making your home a real home, good for you! And now take it easy and enjoy the time with your loved ones! Hope you have a great time! Warm wishes, Monique