Friday, May 17

New Project(s)

It's been a while since I posted. I've been pondering a new project. NOT a mini one this time...

I've decided that my rental house is too depressing, too dark and too "not me." I'm on a mission. I'm going to start lightening up in more ways than one!  :D

I'm starting with my living room. I searched through my photos but couldn't find a "before" photo of this room. Probably because I hated it so much!

Today, the thrift store picked up my huge TV armoire and delivered some "new" furniture!

Love this $15 chair! 
The pillow came from TJMaxx.

I also bought four "new" dining room chairs. $9.95 each. I'm planning on painting them.

I have a pedestal dining table that is black right now. That will change!

I am so inspired by Jane Coslick's colors and those at Maine Cottage. It will be hard to decide what colors I want to use. . .

Here is one wall staged with my old wicker chair and my "new" one. There has to be blue somewhere in this room!

I'm planning to hang bamboo shades on the windows on the other side of this room. Down with the old ivory mini blinds! I'm looking for the perfect fabric to make drapes and recover the dining room chairs. Here are three I'm considering...

I am not opposed to painting all of my old tables and my china hutch too. Looks like there will be a lot of painting and sewing going on here!

This all started with two beautiful pillows that made me smile when I saw them.  :D

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Lucille said...

Hi Kathi! It's so nice to see you so excited! Redecorating can be so renewing! Have fun. Your new furniture is very nice. I'm looking forward to seeing the reveal!

12Create said...

I think it is great to have a reshuffle of your furnishings etc now and then and freshen things up. Freshens the soul as well, especially if you don't feel your current surroundings are "you". Look forward to seeing what you do. Love the chair.

Petra said...

So nice to hear from you again. The same in my flat. First I handle with so much beauty in the dollshouse, then I thought, all my furniture is not me. I got a liking for midcentury furniture, but I lived in a kind of shabby chic. Meanwhile it is a mixture of both, but I think much nicer than before. Hope you'll have as much fun with the big things as with the litte. Greetings from Germany and good luck.

mcddiss said...

me alegra saber de ti y ver que estas tan animada con la redecoracion de tu casa , estoy deseando ver todos esos cambios



Idskesminis said...

I really like the dining room chairs and painting them is a great idea, and cover the seats, maybe with a similar pattern to the pretty cushion on the green chair? A friend of mine did her's and it looked like it had cost many hundreds in stead of about fifty! It also brightened up her home and led to more projects like it. She now has a lovely home that is exactly how she likes it and I think it looks just fantastic, like yours will!

Neomig said...

you write you like blue in your living room- so take the sea world scene as fabric!
Baby blue and white for the walls will take care of the cottage atmosphere!
All the bset

Marisa said...

Dont forget pictures and can get cheap framed photos from the thirft store and then switch out the photos for something you like (thats How I got my artsy photos...kinko's lets you blow up anything you want for a small fee)


Sandra said...

Love your chairs - and there's nothing like a facelift for a room to give one a lift in spirits too.