Thursday, May 23

"New" Sofa!

My search for a "new" sofa for the living room has ended!  I found a great white slip covered one like this one at my favorite thrift store yesterday. I took some photos with my camera but they didn't upload. Mine has three cushions on the back and three on the seat. The cover is a nice heavy cotton duck fabric.

Of course I had to peek under the cover to see what the original sofa looked like. It is a peachy orange vintage fabric with fringe on the bottom. Very cool.

The store manager had not yet priced the sofa. She said it was just put out for sale yesterday. I made an offer of $70. She walked away. Then she came back and said $89 plus $50 to deliver it. I walked away, but not too far.

I went back and sat on the sofa and thought about it. A lot. Just a new slipcover alone would have cost me about $100... It was comfy and exactly what I've been looking for...

I found the manager again at the sales counter and asked if they could deliver the sofa for less since I live close by? I reminded her that I had just donated my beautiful TV armoire that is now priced at $199 in the store.

She thought about that. Then she came back with $89 for the sofa and delivery at $25. I offered her $80 for the sofa including delivery. She was a hard nut to crack! She walked away again, this time to the back of the store.

Call me determined. I made a fool of myself calling out to her for a better offer. I walked around all of the other sofas they had for sale and called out their prices. One was $35, another $40 and another $65. I asked her why the one I wanted was so much? She didn't answer.

She came back and put a price tag on "my" sofa. The price was $80.99! I laughed and said "SOLD."

Now I'm trying to find someone with a truck to pick it up for me, to save the $25 delivery charge. Even if I have to pay for delivery, I found a nice sofa that will look great in my living room for $125.99!

Not a bad deal. Did I mention I LOVE this thrift store?  :D

Next stop, a different store that has a green retro three light lamp like this one. Priced at $80. I need more lamps in my room...


Audra said...

Nice find!

Giac said...

Hello Kathi,
It is a beautiful sofa. I am glad you found it.
Big hug,

Kathi said...

My daughter's friend has a pick up truck! Free delivery on Saturday! :D

Marisa said...

im glad you found your sofa and that you get "free" delivery, that manager was a hard nut to crack but at least you got her down to a reasonable price.

I really like that lamp too you'll have to show us after photos :)


Fabulously Small said...

thank you Kathi, for this valuable lesson about what's important, it makes me see what I've been doing for way too long. Living and learning right? We should believe that we can have it all, not having to bargain or sell ourselves short. And fighting for something no one is holding us back from, besides ourselves. Having faith that it can, no matter how far fetched it seems. We'll get there! Big hug, Monique

Sandra said...

Great buys Kathi, glad you wore her down and I hope you find that truck so you save the delivery costs.